Sunday, April 26, 2015

[Future Fragments] THE NEW ALPHA DEMO IS OUT!

Future Fragments: an side-scroller indie H-Game! (NEW DEMO!)


As this is an Alpha demo, we intend to release another demo, an "upgraded one" sometime soon, with these added features;
  • Environmental gameplay mechanics (for instance, in the fire level, we'll have steam vents that will rocket you to new heights, or be used for movement puzzles)
  • A completely new map design strategy that will be discussed down below in the post
  • Parallax Scrolling
  • Fire Level Boss
  • NPC events, and cutscenes with Mage B
  • Intro scene explaining a bit of the game's plot
  • Talia's reactions to things around her in small, one-time cutscenes (fully voice acted)
  • More maps/screens per level
  • Gallery to view H-animations
  • Jumping attack + running attack + elemental attack
  • General polish (special effects, menu screen, etc.)
  • More sound effects (sex sounds, enemy attacks/movement, etc.)
  • The whole game converted over to C++ (no loading times, etc.)

Be sure to read the readme files in the zip file, btw!


Go to to support us and get some really neat rewards, like the following;
  1. A level editor that lets you make your own levels in-game and even add your own art into levels!
  2. Your name in the game's Databanks (most of the Databanks in this demo had Patron names in them!)
  3. All the audio that SilkyMilk's recorded for the game, including un-used audio (and lots of it!)
  4. The straight up source code for the entire game, which you can use however you like in your own projects
  5. And more!

Also, to clarify, if you pledge ONE TIME at ANY LEVEL, you get THAT LEVEL'S (OPTIONAL) bonuses FOREVER, plus a copy of the game if that's in that reward level.

And will have updates on the game every so often, as well as updates on any other projects I'm working on eventually!

(Finally, if you want to see some art for the game, check the bottom of this post!)


Hey there!

We're working on a new hentai game called "Future Fragments" and we just released our first demo!

So let's get right into what this game is!

Future Fragments is a platforming game, with a Science Fiction theme.
The easiest way to imagine it is a combination of the following;
-Sidescrolling platformer game mechanics
-Science Fiction aesthetics
-Old school, yet fair, difficulty
-Lots and lots of sex with a huge variety of enemies

Additionally, there's a large amount of world building/backstory to the game that's accessible through "Databanks", computer terminals you can access around the game. (Patrons can get their names/characters in these, and this demo has quite a few of those in fact!). The player isn't required to read these to advance in the game though, so they're more for extra enjoyment, they're optional.

Here's a list of gameplay features;
  1. Five stages, each large and expansive, (the demo is only about 2/3rds the size of the full Fire Level) with lots of secrets to find and explore!
  2. 25 enemies, each with TWO H-Animations per enemy, for a total of 50 animations in-game, plus multiple traps!
  3. Gain abilities from the bosses that give you additional utility to navigate around the levels, and find secret areas!
  4. Fully voiced characters, by professional voice actresses!
  5. Classic platforming gameplay, difficult but fair!
  6. A wide variety of enemy designs, including humans, demons, tentacles, robots, ghosts, and many more, as well as a whole host of fetishes!
  7. A Japanese translation of the in-game dialogue once the game's completed, by a fluent speaker (no Google Translate here!)

The basic storyline is as follows;

You play the part of Talia, an 18 year old female magician, living in the Medieval Ages. You're easily one of the most talented newcomers under your King's reign, and he has a special assignment for you; you're to be sent 2,000 years into the future, along with the #1 ranked magician in the kingdom (Mage B, unnamed as of yet), to find and gather artifacts to bring back to the present time, in the Medieval Ages.

The King wants these artifacts to gain power for your domain, and to protect his citizens from evildoers who threaten the safety of his kingdom. Unfortunately for the King though, his magicians have different plans.

Talia and Mage B both want the artifacts for different reasons; Talia wants them so she can set out on her own, free of anyone ruling over her, and Mage B wants them to overthrow the kingdom and become the new ruler of it. So, it's a race to find these artifacts, and to get back home, before the other magician does.

However, the future is full of a LOT of strange changes to society, and a lot of dangers, including a whole host of really, REALLY pent up things that want to have their way with the mages...


Common problems with the demo and clarification/answers regarding them;

PROBLEM #1: I get lost easily and hate backtracking.

ANSWER: For this demo, we can't change the maps, but for all future demos and the full game, we'll be drastically changing the way the maps are laid out. Essentially, each room will only have two doors (going back/going forward in the level), making it basically a linear sidescroller.

However, each room will also be large, with multiple small areas that you can venture to that will have various challenges (enemies, platforming challenges, etc.) that will reward you with Databanks or Sci-Fi artifacts. This way, people who want to just progress in the game can just literally go straightforward without fear of being lost, and people who want to find the Databanks and other things can rest assured that they won't be lost.

PROBLEM #2: The game runs slow for me (under the normal 30 FPS); how can I fix that?

ANSWER: If the game runs slow, be sure to check that nothing in the foreground is running (music players, for instance) as it will take priority away from GameMaker, and this can make the game run terribly. We'll be porting the game to C++ with all future demos, so this shouldn't be a problem in those future demos/full game, though, this is just a GameMaker-centric problem.

PROBLEM #3: I think my game crashed/froze about haflway through.

ANSWER: Map 15 takes an excessively long time to load; this is related to the above reason (GameMaker problems, won't be a problem in the full game/upgraded demo.) Just give it a little bit and it'll load, sorry about that!

PROBLEM #4: I keep falling to my death because I don't know if the area below me is a pit or an area I should explore.

ANSWER: Bottomless pits can be identified through multiple means;
-Ducking will lower the camera quite a bit; this should allow you to see platforms and so forth better if need be. Be sure to look around the area for platforms that may direct you where to go next, as well.
-Many bottomless pits have yellow stripes on the platforms on the edge of the pit, but not always; if you see the yellow stripes, it's highly likely a bottomless pit.

In the full game, we'll have particle effects (fire embers, etc.) coming out of the bottomless pits so you'll know they're pits, too. The bottomless pits will also ONLY be in the Fire Level (as it's a storyline/game mechanic required for the way we have things setup).

PROBLEM #5: Is my sound broken? I don't hear any actual sex noises from the enemies themselves.

ANSWER: While we have in audio for Talia as she's being pleasured, we have no sex sounds for the enemies (as in, pelvises slapping, goopy sounds, cum splattering, etc.) in this demo. Rest assured though that they, along with sounds of the enemies moving, attacking, so forth will absolutely be in the full game and upgraded demo.

PROBLEM #6: Attacking some enemies on some maps is really hard, is there a trick I'm not doing right?

ANSWER: No, some of the enemies are deliberately in tricky areas to attack, for one of two reasons;
1) A lot of the enemies can be baited into running into bottomless pits or trapping themselves in certain areas where they'll be mostly harmless; I designed some of the rooms intentionally around this.
2) Talia is essentially breaking into a facility 2000 years into the future; combat shouldn't be her first means of defense, so if you find yourself in a situation where it would seem difficult to defeat all the enemies, run away or avoid them! Some of the maps are even designed around this where you should feel a need to get through the area quickly lest the enemies catch up with you and surround you, etc.

That said, we'll also have a moving attack and a proper jumping attack in the upgraded demo, and we'll be adjusting enemy health to better fine tune things for the future updates of the game too.


Here's some SFW (following blogspot policies) animations for the game that TriangulatePixels has gotten done;

That about wraps things up; again, please, if you can support us with any amount, it means the world to us, and we are working very hard to get this game out ASAP while still maintaining a high level of quality. Also, if you think this game is worthy of your time and money, please do pass the news on about this game to others you know!


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

[Future Fragments] Update on spots to get stuff in the game

Okay, so heads up to everyone;

Due to an unexpected amount of people wanting to get stuff in the game (and wanting to maintain some creative control over what enemies are in the game, so forth), we'll be closing the $50 (fetish), $100 (animation), and $300 (full character) tiers come the end of April at the latest, and possibly as early as the end of this month (March).

All prior enemy/fetish/animation requests will of course be honored, and you'd be able to get in this month for that stuff if there's slots left.

Additionally, all other tiers will remain open, including the "already funded 50, 100, 300" tiers as well as the $15, $10, etc. tiers.

So we'll never have a cap on the databank amounts, or getting your name in the background, or so forth.

We realize you all really wanna get stuff in the game, but we hope you'll understand. So if you wanna get a fetish, animation, or enemy in the game, now would be the month to do it :P

So go check out the Patreon at if you wanna get in!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Sunday, March 15, 2015

[Future Fragments] Another update at Patreon!

We've done another "Saturday Update" at the Patreon in the activity feed, which you can access at :)

We'll also be (hopefully, just need to talk to Cheshire) having a special "creating the maps" stream on Picarto soon as well!

Monday, March 9, 2015

[Future Fragments] Huge update on enemy stuff

NOTE: If you have no idea what the hell I'm talking about, check out the game at :D

Okay, so after making a list of all the Patron pledge requests so far in regards to enemies, fetishes, animations, all that, I wanted to make sure everyone knew the exact situation of what slots were left.

Before I get into this though, we've added up to two "traps" per area (we might not get two in there or even any at all for a given area), things that would be environmentally-based (like say, a pit you might fall into with tentacles, or a plant that hits you with a aphrodisiac mist in an AoE around it every so often).

The reason I say up to two is that they're basically buffers for Patron requests; if we keep up the rate we're going at in regards to getting requests, that effectively adds another 10 slots for fetishes/animations, which is great for everyone involved. And of course, if the reverse happens and we don't get enough standard enemies even, we'll come up with our own (all the Fire enemies were thought up by us, etc.)

However, as a note, these traps will only have one sex animation (and it'll be a clothed one), and they'll not be walking around or shooting things or whatever else, so they can work for the animation ($100) and fetish ($50) pledge tiers, but not the full enemy ($300) tier.

That said, here's the available slots left for each tier (and what's been chosen already; you CAN do fetishes that have already been picked, but we'd like for there to be a twist or change to them in some way, at least).

NOTE: If you don't want spoilers for what is currently going to be implemented into the game, don't look ahead!



- 39 slots left in each tier

Fetishes / Animations used already:
-Fingering pussy
-Missionary sex position
-Cowgirl sex position
-Masturbation/clit rubbing
-Double Penetration
-Flying sex
-Held upside down
-Self-fondling breasts
-Doggystyle sex position
-Stomach bulge
-Large penetration
-Breastpump milking
-Being lifted into the air by way of penetration
-Aphrodisiac love potion
-Tentacle sex
-Tentacle bondage
-Standing sex



- 21 enemies left
- 8 of these are traps

Enemy slots left for respective areas:
FIRE: 2 Traps
ICE: 2 Traps + Boss
ELECTRIC: 3 Enemies + 1 Trap + Boss
EARTH: 3 Enemies + 1 Trap + Boss
THE END: 3 Enemies + 2 Traps + Boss

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

[Future Fragments] Updates & Blogspot killing adult blogs

I realize I haven't updated much here, but that's primarily because this blog will likely be going down soon thanks to Blogger's new rules, so I'd highly suggest you all follow me over at

for future updates on the game! Additionally, you can pledge just $1 to the Patreon to get access to the activity feed, where I'll be posting updates there as well! :)

Monday, February 16, 2015

[Future Fragments] ALPHA DEMO!!gNFQXTrR!lkWPi5r8Q02KGWpCjsIB7RU2yQlT-wR8JSLqOvlWs9k

Here's an early alpha demo, just showing some of the stuff we have implemented (we've got more than this in there, but this is the stuff that's solidly functional).

Be sure to read the readme, btw!

We're on track to have the first full level demo done soon!